Closed Casket Tattoos is a modern custom art studio in Ajax, Ontario specializing in the advancement of tattooing as an artform. Drawing clients from all over North America, our artists always aim to create exceptional tattoos while providing a welcoming customer experience. With a variety of artists specializing in different areas, we can accommodate virtually all client requests. Whether you prefer black and grey realism, colour, neotraditional, dotwork or script and lettering, we have you covered.

Closed Casket artists travel to worldwide conventions and guest spots and are constantly striving to learn new techniques and improve their craft.

We provide a clean, comfortable and healthboard-approved environment, ensuring your tattoo experience is safe and enjoyable.

To book an appointment please call the shop at:

905-410-4466 info@closedcasket.ca



Travis Greenough is a multiple award winning tattoo artist who specializes in dark black and grey tattoos. Travis' work has been in print and digital tattoo publications and he has traveled internationally honing his craft.



Derek has an affinity for dark, black and grey tattoos with lots of texture and detail. He has been tattooing for 8 years and enjoys tattooing dark imagery such as bio-organic, skulls, monsters as well as scenery landscapes, wildlife portraits, abstract, human faces, flowers, etc.



James has been tattooing professionally for 7 years in Durham region. He is one of Canada's up and coming artists and his professionalism and passion for art is clearly seen in the art he creates. James specializes in neo-traditional colour tattooing, script and lettering and also enjoys tattooing creative styles...


Amanda Paterson

After a long hunt for an apprenticeship, Amanda started her career in the summer of 2014 in Ottawa. Thirsty for more knowledge, in 2016 she moved back to her home town in Lindsay to save money and search for a tattoo shop that gave her new educational tips that would...


Brandon Smith

After traversing the job market for many years and never finding anything that truly reflected his skills he was guided into a return to art from which he neglected for 5 years. Brandon started relearning art until he became confident enough to start a tattoo apprenticeship and since then he...


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